Summer research exchange for undergraduates (RISE)

Interested in doing a research exchange over the summer? The Reactive Intermediate Student Exchange (RISE) is Canada’s largest summer research exchange program in the chemical sciences. This allows you to go to another great Canadian institution for a summer project, and present at the end of summer RISE Conference (this year in Ottawa) with fellow RISE students from across Canada. The RISE Scholarship includes a research stipend for work in the laboratories of a RISE Advisor at another institution, travel funding to help you get to your job, and also funding to go to the annual RISE Conference. To be eligible, you must be an undergraduate student who will have completed the equivalent of two or three full years of study toward a BSc degree in Chemistry or a related specialization as of May 2019.

Applications are due very soon – December 7th 2018! Visit for the application form. See this PDF or contact Robert Godin (, FIP341) for more details!

RISE website: