Chemical Communication Cover article!

Chemical Communication Cover article!

The group’s first independent article is a hit! It’s also part of their invited Emerging Invesitagors issue and is featured as the Chem Comm journal cover! See DOI: 10.1039/D0CC06841A to read our review of charge carrier dynamics in carbon nitride heterojunctions.

2 work-study positions are available for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year (Sept 1 – April 30)

The work-study projects continue into the school year and we are looking for motivated individuals to fill these positions. These positions are available at 12 hours/week from Sept 1 2020 – April 30 2021. You can find more details on the UBCO job board ( Search for: Project ID: 819608 Job Title: Development of carbon […]

Welcome to the summer cohort – Abigail, Kshitij and Destiny!

We are very pleased to welcome three highly motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate students for the summer. We’ll have a great summer (from afar) with Abigail, Kshitij and Destiny. Best of luck on your projects!

2 work-study positions are available for the summer

More good news for the summer! We’ve just received news that both Work-study projects have been approved! This means that we are looking for candidates to fill the two positions over the summer. They will be posted very shortly on the UBCO job board (, but here’s a sneak peak: Project ID: 819608 Job Title: […]

Congratulations to Abigail and Destiny!

Wonderful news to share! Destiny has been awarded an Undergraduate Research Award from the IKBSAS faculty! She’ll be working on modifying the solubility of carbon nitrides. Abigail has been awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA)! She’ll be working on an alternative method for modifying the morphology of carbon nitrides. Congratulations to both for […]

Congrats Grady!

Congratulations Grady for getting a job with BZAM Cannabis in Vancouver!

UBC Okanagan Work Study position available

A 12 hour/week (Sept 2019 – April 2020) Work Study position is open in the SolarSpec lab for the upcoming Winter terms. This is to work on developing Carbon Nitrides for photocatalytic organic reactions. You can find more details on the UBC Okanagan job board (, search for project ID 817376) or by contacting Robert […]

CFI and BCKDF funding approved!!

We have just received notice that BCKDF has given the final stamp of approval to Robert’s CFI application – it’s been successful at all stages!! We now have the funding completely secured to finish equipping the lab with all the tools necessary to establish ourselves as leaders in spectroscopy of photocatalysts.

Welcome to Natalie, Grady and Ahmed!

Exciting times in the SolarSpec group as we welcome a summer cohort! Natalie will be joining us for a short stay in between her Big White and UK commitments. Grady will be doing a CHEM488 directed studies course over the summer. Ahmed is coming from McMaster University as a NSERC USRA and RISE scholar. Welcome […]

Welcome Cristian!

The group is very happy to welcome Cristian for the summer! Cristian has done a bit of volounteering work during the past semester and will now be joining us as a Work-study summer student. Cristian will be working on developping a standard photoreactor for the group and explore photocatalytic chemical transformations.